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March 10, 2012
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They left him to sleep. However, not long after they left he started to get really fussy. His black hair stuck to his child like face. He started to cry. He held his chest tightly. His chest started to hurt more and more. He was having a lot of trouble breathing and no one was around. He was scared.
He pounded on his chest trying to cough or breathe or something. He was starting to feel dizzy and was starting to get more upset.
"Bean pole," he heard the voice of the Lorax, "Jeeze I leave you alone for a few minutes . . ."
The teenager just continued his futile struggle. "Help . . . please . . ." he wheezed.
"See if you cut down too many trees everybody's going to feel like this." The Lorax said patting the teen's back trying to calm him down.  
The Once-ler tried to force a smile but failed as he continued to cry. He curled onto his side trying to keep his breathing under control. The Lorax took one of his hands. "Do you want something to drink?'
He got a small nod.  He returned with a little water. "Jus' try not to hurt yourself kay kid," he said.
Suddenly, the teen's eyes widened as he fell over forwards trying to get air into his lungs.
"What is it? Are you okay?"
He shook his head crying louder. He was panting trying to keep his head above metaphorical water.
"Bean pole, kid, look at me." He cupped the young human's face in his hand. "Breathe kid, just breathe."
He shook his head sobbing trying to concentrate. He grabbed the blankets in his fist and squeezed. He couldn't keep his eyes open his entire body shook with effort.  
"Oh Jeeze kid, kid, look at me," the Lorax turned Once-ler's head towards him. "What 'd ya need me ta do bean pole?"
Once-ler said nothing and simply grabbed his friend and hugged him. At first the Lorax was shocked but then he realized Once-ler was relaxing a little.
"That's it kid, just try and relax." He whispered into the kid's shoulder.
One of the Barbaloots helped Once-ler sit up against the pillows and one of the Swamy Swans pulled the blankets up over him. Pip-squeak gently nuzzled Once-ler's hand. The Lorax, who secretly feared leaving Once-ler's arms, patted the baby's head.
Once-ler was resting peacefully at the moment. However, the feverish flush against his cheeks was becoming ever more apparent. He didn't know if he could get up and try again tomorrow. He didn't think that his friends would let him if he tried. He didn't want to face rejection now that his guitar was gone. He decided to take tomorrow off.
I really like the friendship between the Lorax and Once-ler and decided that was going to be my major focal point.
Hope you like it so far.
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Getting better and better. I do hope Once-Ler get's well soon :(
Thanks. I have this one finished actually if you visit my Lorax folder you can read it there.
Aerrows-Girl Mar 19, 2012  Student Writer
I love this! I can't wait for the next!!
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