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This had to be it. There was no way he could go through this anymore. A person could only take so much.
"Come on kid," the Lorax coaxed. Pipsqueak was crying. He pulled on Once-ler's fingers. "You gotta stay with me you have to sell your Thneed. Ya know the thing that cha claim everyone needs? Come on kid."
"No . . . c'n't do it 'ny more." He whimpered.
"You've gotta try kid, come on sit up bean pole." The Lorax looked at the boy. His face was flushed from his hairline down. He had dark circles around his eyes.  He looked as though he was about to give up. His chest heaved for air a few times.
"Kid shhh . . . take some deep breaths." The Lorax coaxed. "Try and settle down."
"No more," he jerked away. "No, no please no more."
"Bean pole?" The Lorax asked taking the boy's hand. He put his hand against the kid's chest. The boy's heart was racing. Once-ler gave a few small cries of pain.
"'m coming 'Drey." He whispered. "I'm coming."
"Kid?" The Lorax asked giving the boy's hand a quick squeeze. Pipsqueak gave a little cry into Once-ler's shoulder.

"No. It's not your time yet. I can't change what you're going to do someday. Someday, Once you're going to make a HUGE difference. You're going to change the world a hundred times over. Then we'll be together forever Once. I promise." She looked so excited. Her green eyes smiled at him.
"How long will that be?"
"A long time, but, trust me it's going to be well worth the wait. You're friend the Lorax has some wonderful things in store for us. Once, you have no idea. It's going to be wonderful."
"So, all I have to do is screw up and then wait?"
"Yup pretty much," she laughed.
"I hope your promise holds good." He grinned.
She kissed him.

His eyes fluttered open. The animals were all crowed around him.
"What I miss?"
"You've been out for four days," the Lorax told him.
"I have?" He asked.
"Yup, you were on your death bed for three of them and then slept for four days straight."
"Oh? Do you by any chance know what's for breakfast?"
"Good to have you back kid." The Lorax smiled.
The room was filled with concerned faces as he stood up. He felt sorta dizzy upon standing but it wasn't too hard to get his bearings.
"Who wants pancakes?" He asked.
Hands went up all around. He smiled.
Last chapter before the epilouge. Let me know if I should write what The Lorax's and 'Drey's surprise is.
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sampea Featured By Owner May 28, 2014
Glad o have you back, Once-ler...
numbuh35 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2012
I'm glad he lived :) The Suess universe wouldn't be the same with Oncie
ErikaRBarker Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2012
Yes I needed him to plot the next story called the History. You get to see even more near death expierences in that story. :iconsmirkplz:
superfangirl28 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2012
xDDDD "Yeah your were on your death bed.." "Oh? Do know whats for breakfast?" I LOLED
ErikaRBarker Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2012
Thanks I was kinda going for a fluff moment. Again after the torture I put everyone through I kinda wanted to lighten it up a bit I guess. I'm glad it made you laugh.
superfangirl28 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2012
ErikaRBarker Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2012
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