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With the visions came painful stomach cramps and nausea. He started to get really upset. He was confused and nonsensical.
"Come on kid, you need to drink something," the Lorax pressed. "Come on. Try to keep this down okay kid?" He pressed again.
He got a faint groan in response. The fever had started to cause dehydration. He was so confused. His eyelids were really heavy. He was tired.
"Come on kid," he let Pipsqueak rub his cheek when he put the straw in his mouth. It was taking quite an effort to get the water into his body.
He groaned as he clutched his stomach.
"What's wrong kid? It's your stomach isn' it?"
He nodded. His eye brows knit together but there were no tears. He was inconsolable and fussy. He was shaking with chills and was simply beside himself.
"I need you to sit up kid; I need you to keep trying to drink this alright? I promise it's going to make you feel better."
He was really confused the world was spinning way to fast. He closed his eyes trying to will it to stop.
"We should try to get him out of these clothes they're way to heavy. Kid? Kid come on a focus for me. You wanna try getting your pj's on? Might help relax you a little?"
"K-kay," his mouth felt really dry. "I-I'll try some more water."
"Good kid," he said handing him the glass.
He drank it and it was true he felt a little better. The Lorax took a second bucket to the river, so as to give the kid some remainder of dignity.
He came back in the room to see the task was accomplished but Once-ler was holding his stomach on his side on the floor.
"Oh kid, shhh . . . kid 's okay bean pole snap out of it!" He coaxed him back into the bed. He got another glass of water into him.
"No more." He said softly. "I can't do anymore."
"Okay kid," the Lorax looked at him steadily.
Pipsqueak held onto him tightly. He was happy for the little Barbaloot's company. "I'll be fine . . ." he said falling back against the pillows, "promise I'll be . . ."

He was backed up against the wall of his school. He screamed and tried to run.
"Can't out run us!" His tormentors laughed.
"Please! NO don't do it!" He sobbed.
They just grinned and kicked his side. He let out a painful howl. They grabbed his arms and dragged him to the bathroom where they shoved his head in the toilet.
He was soaking wet, upset and sobbing his eyes out. The worst part was, they laughed. They always laughed.

He shot up holding his stomach he was going to get sick. As if reading his mind the Lorax held a bucket out to him. He was bent forward trying to make his reflexes stop.
"Let nature run its course kid, no use trying to fight nature." The Lorax stated wisely.
It passed finally and he once more slid back against soft fluffy fabric. Speaking of soft and fluffy, Pipsqueak hadn't left his side. He was curled up nuzzling Once-ler's cheek. The boy smiled.
"'s okay Pipsqueak," he smiled a little wider. He greatfully accepted Trufula fruit water. He let that take the awful taste out of his mouth. His stomach still really hurt and his legs were starting to hurt to.
"Can you try another glass of water kid?" He coaxed.
He gave a small slow nod. He felt kinda weak but at least he felt a little better now that he'd changed into something more comfortable.
He gratefully accepted the water and snuggled with Pipsqueak who seemed to be so much happier now that affection was being returned. He smiled a little as he drifted back off into his dreams. He was so hoping that this one would be more pleasant than the others.
We're getting to the peak of the story the worst of the worst is yet to come . . .
To make up for torture . . . Marshmellows anyone?
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numbuh35 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2012
Really great story! I feel for the young Once-Ler. I know how it feels to be bullied :( (Give Once-Ler a hug.)
ErikaRBarker Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2012
Hey me too. That's where it comes from in me. The abuse is solely movie based the bullying all me baby.
sampea Featured By Owner May 28, 2014
Whoa, that must have hard.

If I could, I would stay by Once-ler's side unti the sickness is all gone.
sapphirewolf2 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
MARSHMELLOWS!!!!!!!.... I want some now *runs to pantry *
I like the back story of the Once-ler, very nicely done! I always look forward to reading this story! Keep it up!
ErikaRBarker Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2012
Thanks :D That makes me really happy truly. I hesitated to post it so this makes me feel really good. :D
sapphirewolf2 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:hug: I'm glad you posted it thanks!
ErikaRBarker Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2012
No prob :hug: oh and about the marshmellow thing I've honestly wanted them since Friday when I saw it. I got home guess what the one thing we don't have is . . . marshmellows.
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